ARGO SCIENCES applies proven technologies to help you create your home, differentiate your buildings and subdivisions and to help you lead environmentally sustainable lives. We build our business around specially selected partners who have both the will and the capability to optimize our services.

With each project, we create a tailor-made solution by putting together the core team and relevant resources to produce a solution that is effective.

Current projects range from the United States to the Artic and the Kalahari.

Electrical Energy Harnessing

Our traditional use of electrical power depends upon a distribution system that is long out of date and in need of replacement.

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Urban Gardens

All of us today are concerned with improving the health and sustainability of our family, our city and the environment. Nowhere is this more evident than in the food and drinks industry. Fresh, Green, Organic and Natural are marketing totems of the new world. Home Grown is the new icon.

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