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My passion has always been empowering people through innovation, knowledge, and development. The US Coast Guard gave me the environmental skills and humanitarian training for the problems we face every day. I have been privileged to work on three continents where I interacted with different cultures and government organizations to achieve a common goal.

Apart from military service, my scientific and commercial career was founded implementing customized software systems for Adobe and analyzing satellite information for Raytheon.

My undergraduate degree is a BS in specialized studies of Biosphere Sustainability and Human Interoperability from Metropolitan State University of Minnesota. Currently I am working towards a master’s in diplomacy at the University of Oxford.

Jason Conklin - Founding Director

Andrew Morrison

Andrew is the Director of Business Operations at ARGO SCIENCES overseeing the day to day processes and resource management of the company. Andrew has a proven track record of striving to the next level. While attending Sebastian River High School, Andrew completed his associates degree simultaneously graduating with both a high school diploma and an AA. He went directly into his third year of a four-year program at Indian River State College (IRSC) achieving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. While attending IRSC, Andrew was an active member of the Investment Club serving as the club president his senior year leading a successful team of students achieving a grant award from the Anne Goss Foundation for an outstanding portfolio performance. To finance his college career, Andrew started his own company, Blue River Delivery, which remains in business today performing an enhanced delivery service beyond regular food to include assistance to the elderly, disabled, and shut-ins that were of critical need during the Covid19 pandemic. Andrew serves his community as a member of the Rotary Club of Vero Beach.

Josiah Moorehouse - IT Programs Advisor

Josiah serves as the principle advisor for all things relating to information technology. Josiah overseas each component of the IT infrastructure from web-based user end to cloud based back end while building and managing the infrastructure in between. In our everyday research, data is collected from countless inputs and is disseminated to countless recipients requiring a versatile and scalable solution to accommodate it. Via his company, Vero Beach Information Technology, he works with businesses and individuals to ensure their diverse IT needs are accommodated with confidence and efficiency. More information is available at verobeachit.tech.

Paul Kelley – Space and Planetary Science Advisor

Paul is a retired veteran of the United States Air Force having served in various conflicts around the world including Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terror. He has worked for the Federal government for 9+ years in satellite communications technology performing analysis and leading mission operations. Paul’s education includes an AS in Communication Technology Theory from CCAF, a BS in Computer Science U of Denver, and an MS in Space Science from American Military University. In his role at Argo Sciences, Paul advises on technological resources and practices that support the collection and analysis of environmental intelligence.

Bryan Wagonseller – Chief Climatologist

Bryan Wagonseller lives in the Washington, DC area. He studied aeronautics and meteorology at Miami University of Ohio and was later commissioned as an officer in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Commissioned Corps. During his time with NOAA Corps, he supported oceanic and atmospheric research on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through his work aboard two NOAA research vessels. He also supported cryospheric research on the Arctic and northern Atlantic Oceans by studying and measuring sea ice thickness and prevalence for ongoing contribution to multi-year climatological records during his time working at NOAA’s National Ice Center. Having academic and professional interests in multiple fields, he has also pursued career opportunities in computer system administration and cybersecurity as a federal contractor and part-time National Guard member. Bryan is the principle advisor for all things relating to weather and its long-term trends used in response planning.

James Cooke - Principle Business Advisor

Educated at Oxford University (M.A.) and The University of London (M.Sc) James pioneered strategic leadership coaching in the UK over the last 35 years. He now lives full time in Florida, where he is the advisor and consultant to large and small organisations in the commercial and not for profit sectors. James is the Strategic Advisor to the Argo leadership team. For more details see his web www.jamescookeenterprises.com which contains a wealth of his writings, podcasts and videos.

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