For underground Infiltration, Detention & Rainwater Harvesting

Efficient Rainwater Management

The Atlantis Modular Tanks are surface and groundwater infiltration systems, capable of replacing old ditches or infill infiltration ponds collecting clean water to be reused and re-entered into traditional water systems. This is a highly efficient option for rainwater management on any type of soil.

Higher water quality

The system cleans the water of contaminants and maintains it in a condition suitable for human consumption.

Greater storage capacity

Atlantis Modular Tanks provide an empty space of more than 90% compared to 20% obtained by traditional infiltration methods. This mean the system can deliver greater storage capacity with a much smaller environmental footprint, also, it does not allow the accumulation of sediments, which marks an important difference with respect to the characteristic plugging that occurs in traditional wells.

Largest usable area

Placing the tanks underground provides a larger usable area and improves the range of aesthetic options for the project, compared to concrete or plastic tanks that are typically located above ground.

Save time and money!

The lightweight design of the Atlantis Modular Tanks allows for faster, safer and economical installation.

Accumulation, capture and infiltration of rainwater.

The Atlantis tank system provides underground water storage of unlimited capacity and can be installed in various volumes, shapes and depths to meet specific project requirements.

The entire project location can be used as a catchment area including stormwater, landscape and roof areas providing the water storage capacity to meet your requirements. Suitable for both residential and commercial installation projects, the Atlantis tank system maximizes land usage and minimizes stormwater runoff.

Atlantis tank systems provide unlimited storage and flexible design to meet your water requirements.
• Infiltration Tanks

• Stormwater Harvesting
• Re-Use Tanks
• Detention Tanks (Attenuation)
• Channels
• Soak Wells
• Leach Drains
• Drainage Channels

Infiltration Tank

The infiltration tank system is the ideal way to manage stormwater runoff in permeable or semi- permeable soil conditions.

How It Works! The system is designed to capture surface water through infiltration, and then clean and filter the water before it is allowed to recharge the water table providing moisture for surrounding vegetation. The Atlantis® Filtration Unit also captures and cleans roof water before entry into the storage area (FloTankTM Modules).

Applications New developments required to meet water sensitive urban design standards.

Rainwater Harvesting (Re-Use Tank)

The Atlantis® Re-use System has proven effective in providing a regular clean water supply for domestic and commercial applications.

How It Works! The system captures water from both landscaped areas through surface infiltration and from roof areas which are filtered through an Atlantis® Filtration Unit. Clean water is retained within the storage area away from harmful U.V. light and heat remaining cool underground readily available for re-use.

Applications Typical applications include flushing toilets, in washing machines, watering gardens and washing cars.

Detention Tank (Attenuation)

The Atlantis® Detention System is a cost effective solution that can also address water quality. The system offers flexible design options, saving installation time and delays to site access.

How It Works! Water captured from roof and paved areas are filtered through an Atlantis® Filtration Unit before entering the storage area (Flo-TankTM Tank Modules). Water is then slowly released through the discharge control unit (DCU).

Applications Developments that need to meet Local Council Stormwater requirements

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