Easy and fast construction of the structure. Its parts are assembled in simple steps and allows quick installation of the plants.

Free creativity

It allows any creative garden design; the modules expand vertically and horizontally.

Self-supporting structure

The structure can perfectly support its own structural weight. No adjoining structures or frames are required. Strong and sustainable structure over time.

Modular planting system

The modules allow individual interaction with each plant for maintenance, generating optimal moisture retention for plants and easy access and individual maintenance of each pot.


Atlantis provides a wide range of modular products for gardens, vertical gardens, and walls, suitable for all spaces, in interior and exterior installations.

Efficiency, Sustainability and Design

Installing your Gro-Wall has great social and environmental benefits such as:

  • Air purification
  • Reduction of environmental pollution
  • Reduction of the effect of islands or heat pockets in urban areas (Maintenance of temperature in summer and retention of heat in winter)
  • Reduction of ambient noise in cities
  • Improvement of the mental health conditions of your family, workers, and clients by creating a natural, green, and harmonious space

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