Electrical Energy Harnessing

Our traditional use of electrical power depends upon a distribution system that is long out of date and in need of replacement.  This is a pressing need for safety and economic reasons. No less importantly we need to become less reliant on the existing centralized high voltage distribution systems. These are environmentally damaging and already vulnerable to natural disasters and economic disruption. 

ARGO SCIENCES has begun implementing a power distribution method based entirely on USB. This uses existing technology to create a sustainable home, independent of the traditional power grid and fully functioning with the essential amenities we take for granted in a normal home.  The system uses small scale solar panels and batteries. It creates an independent and robust source of power that is cheap, accessible, and readily installed in remote communities and homes.  

Devices on the market that run on low voltage range from 40” televisions to smartphones and tablet PC’s to many common home appliances. This is a major development allowing users to participate in online education and in the digital economy, as well as providing basics such full house lighting and other everyday in-home devices. 

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