Wall infiltration and insulation system
Ideal for rapid removal of water at the basement level!

Solutions for Vertical Infiltration

The Flo-wall® range consists of prefabricated products wrapped in a high quality Italian geotextile, with hydrophilic properties that guarantee effective drainage that does not require stress to function. Each Flo-wall® has a small excess of geotextile that allows the overlapping of the panels, in this way the connection between each panel can be perfectly sealed.

Recycled Polypropylene Cells:
Flo-wall® panels are rigid, hollow, three-dimensional recycled polypropylene cells highly resistant to compression, they can be easily connected to each other to achieve the length that is required for the project.

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System Qualities


The Atlantis Flo-Wall® range is ideal for the rapid drainage of saturated ground. The Flo-Wall® range is suited for applications including underground car parks, basements, retaining walls and seepage cut-off trenches.


The Atlantis Flo-Wall® range features high compressive strength that will not crush over time ensuring long term drainage performance.


The Flo-Wall® range are prefabricated products wrapped with a high quality Italian made geotextile with hydrophilic properties for effective drainage that does not require a head of pressure to perform.


The Atlantis Flo-Wall® range can be easily connected together to form the lengths required for the project. Each Flo-Wall® is provided with an overlap allowance of geotextile to allow each connection to be appropriately sealed with tape.


The Flo-Wall® range is suitable for retaining walls, foundation walls, basements, underground carparks, bridge abutments, civil structures, tunnels and anywhere hydrostatic pressure relief is required.

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This vertical drainage system has a high compressive strength that is not diminished over time, ensuring effective long-term drainage performance. It is inexpensive, lightweight, easily transportable, and easy to install.

Flo Wall is perfect for water leak control, ideal for underground parking garages, basements, retaining walls, trenches, stop leaks and for hydrostatic pressure relief. The Flo-Cell® is also designed for Sustainable Urban Water Design (WSUD) applications and provides an ideal solution to increase the permeability of surface areas by reducing flow over the ground, facilitating recharge. of groundwater.

High flow
Great Resistance

The product saves time and labour costs, as it can be installed by one person quickly, intuitively and efficiently.

Main Applications

  • Retaining walls
  • Foundation walls
  • Basements
  • Underground parking
  • Bridge abutments and abutments
  • Civil works
  • Tunnels in areas that require hydrostatic pressure relief


  • High resistance to compression
  • Protects waterproof membranes
  • Economic
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to install
  • Permanent and efficient solution

Atlantis Vertical Drainage Wall Panels Specifications


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